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As we dig deeper into the trends of new media, we are challenged by the technology of wireless and the "best practices" to produce user interfaces for a plethora of cell phones, PDAs, handheld devices and the next gadget around the corner to surf data online. Our preliminary findings are that a wireless development project is a 100% effort of the QA team with all of the different variables needing to be tested.

XML is proven to be the choice of the developer masses when delivering information to the wireless community. This is the easy answer. The eCommerce side of the issue has its own unique set of server hurdles to get over. XML is unique in that you can specify a server function or target a specific handheld device to receive your message. XML also has advantages of being able to produce new code standards on the fly for device recognition or as the need develops. But what is more important to a project, which device is the most popular with your target base or which one is the most stable environment to develop for?

The best way to design for tomorrow's technology for today's medium is to keep screens brief and to the point. Of course, wireless web applications are in use today but the come at no small undertaking or cost. If budget is not an issue then the world can be at your fingertips.

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