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The Luxar Accuvet CO2 surgical laser is the first CO2 laser to bring proven surgical capabilities to the veterinary surgeon. The benefits of laser surgery can help expand the veterinary practice and improve the standard of care by adding or enhancing successful in-office procedures.


The AccuVet delivers a concentrated beam of light at 10,600 nm. This particular wavelength is highly absorbed into the intra-cellular water found in soft tissue. The laser energy instantly vaporizes the intra-cellular water, ablating targeted cells quickly and precisely, with little effect on surrounding tissue.


The special characteristics of the CO2 laser have made it the most widely used type of laser in the world.

Precision - The laser can make fine incision or ablate extremely thin layers of tissue with minimal damage to surrounding areas.

Coagulation - Bleeding is minimized because the laser seals small blood vessels as it cuts.

Non-contact delivery - The laser instrument does not tear or bruise the tissue, so pain and swelling are minimized and recovery may be more rapid.

Sterilization - Laser surgery sterilizes as it cuts so risk of infection is reduced. The laser also may be used to help debride or reduce infected tissue.

Reduced hospitalization time - Less pain, swellling, and bleeding result in faster recoveries, minimizing the time a pet and its owner must be separated.


The AccuVet is ideal for a variety of soft tissue procedures, including treatment of the skin, eyes and mouth. Applications include:

Gingival reduction
Castration and hysterectomy
Declaw procedures
Oral and cutaneous neoplasia removal
Ear Cropping and canal ablations
Wound debridement
Avian and exotic animal procedures
And many more

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