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Case History


 Samuel S. Yoon, DVM
Certified member of
The International Veterinary Acupuncture Society

Case History: A six year old spayed female Great Dane had painful and frequent urination a couple of years despite numerous medications and batteries of tests. This was a condition of Damp accumulation in the urinary tracts in Oriental medical term. After six consecutive acupuncture treatments, the dog became symptom free!

Case History: A six year old neutered male German Shepard had severe difficulty to urinate and defecate for 3 years due to spondylosis and calcification of the lower lumbar area. After the third treatment the dog was able to urinate and defecate almost normal, and virtually symptom free after one month of weekly treatments. The acupuncture treatment invigorated qi (chi = energy) of eliminating function and reduced Phelgm-Damp (= spongylosis and calcification).

Note: Previous laminectomy ( = back surgery) did not help the dog even though it was done by one of the best surgeons.

Case History: A ten year old large mixed breed neutered male dog had a skin rash and hair loss due to excessive licking from allergic condition. Rash is a condition of Heat of Blood in Oriental medical term. Acupuncure was administered to cool the Blood. Combined with desensitization therapy acupuncture hastened the recovery and cured the dog.

Note: Currently the dog is receiving maintenance treatment.

Case History: A twelve year old neutered German Shepard male was not able to ambulate due to severe hip dyspasia and lower lumbar spondylosis. After three days' consectutive acupuncture treatments and low doses of pain medication, the dog was able to walk home. With regular acupuncture treatment and low doses of pain medication the dog lives nearly a normal life!

Case History: A six year old spayed female Dalmatian had paralysis of the hind quarters. After five days' consecutive acupunture teatments at our hospital the dog walked home with full function of the hind limbs. The acupuncture treatments dredged the qi (chi + energy) stagnation and invigorated function of nerves and muscles.

Note: The dog had a myelogram done, which showed a spinal lesion.

Case History: A fourteen year old neutered male Schnauser had severe back pain for many years. Recently he would bark constantly at night due to senility. After three consecutive acupuncture treatments the barking stopped! Senility is a symptom of mental confusion which is caused by disturbance of Heart in Oriental medical term. He still needs infrequent maintenance acupuncture treatment for his back problem.

Case History: A fourteen year old neutered male Schnauser had neck muscle spasm and pain due to possible injury. When an injury occurs especially stemming from the disk, related area muscle shortening and spasm develop, which causes severe pain. Acupuncture relaxes the muscle and stops the pain. The dog became symptom free after three treatments!

Case History: A twelve year old Malamute had severe renal failure (BUN=100. Creatinine=>4.0). Acupuncture treatment increased his vigor and appetite to nearly normal level and enabled him to lead a normal life. By stimulating Fire of Kidney, it was possible to increase vigor and general well being of the body.

Note: He was also receiving fluid therapy.

Case History: A ten year old spayed female Springer Spaniel had severe tongue infection. Antibiotics were given for two weeks without any success. Acupuncture treatment was added to the therapy to reduce Heat in the channel (meridian). Instant pain relief was obtained with the first treatment. After three treatments the dog was cured.

Case History: A very large twelve year old spayed female mixed breed had osteosarcoma. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy were not optional. Acupuncture treatment and herbal therapy stopped the pain and the progression of the disease. She lived a normal life for another eight months without pain!

Caution: Above statements do not guarantee or promise the same results to any patient. The response and benefit would be greatly variable according to the condition of the individual patient.

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